Tibetan singing bowl massage gently helps to energize and restore our body’s natural balance. People choose to receive a session to help with a variety of conditions and symptoms such as, insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress and migraines, as well as improving overall wellbeing.

During a Tibetan Bowl treatment, bowls are placed on and around your body whilst lying down fully clothed. The sound massage has a positive effect on the entire cellular metabolism: from the first session the quality of sleep will be improved and become fully regenerating.

Marcella is a fully experienced holistic therapist with a wonderful intuitive healing nature and a loving and compassionate presence.

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Yesterday I had a Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage from Marcella, Holistic Therapist, which was fantastic. I came away more chilled than I have been in…years probably. I didn’t want to speak afterwards I just wanted to enjoy the peace of the experience. I can highly recommend her – in York.

Jane Clappison, East Yorkshire

Marcella is a truly gifted holistic practitioner. She has given me a few treatments with her Tibetan bells and bowls and they have been amazing. Marcella’s treatments address both body and spirit, and at the end of each session with her I feel incredibly relaxed and healed from deep within. As a natural medicine practitioner … Continue reading Tiziana Bertinotti L.Ac. – York Traditional Acupuncture

Tiziana Bertinotti L.Ac. – York Traditional Acupuncture

Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage Marcella is a intuitive and talented healer who has helped me greatly over the last few months,She has a compassionate and wise nature and makes you feel at ease. The vibration and sound of the tibetan bowl’s is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. It has helped move blockages in my energy and … Continue reading Alexander Humphries, Acupuncturist – York

Alexander Humphries, Acupuncturist – York

Marcella gave me an hour long session and although it flew by, at the end of the treatment, I felt like I’d just woken up from a long and perfect sleep. There’s something very soothing about the vibrations from the bowl, a feeling of peace and the way the sounds resonate long afterwards is very … Continue reading Steve Holding, York

Steve Holding, York

I have to say that I entered my first session of this therapy thinking it would, at best, be a pleasant way to spend an hour. It was so, so much than that. Marcella is very calm and reassuring and made me comfortable before beginning. Then to be honest I am not totally sure what … Continue reading Lynne King, York

Lynne King, York

Marcella Donati is a great professional that has made me connect with my deepest thought. Her treatments have made me to understand some of my fears and to take the right way to solve them. With Marcella’s treatment, some things that were stuck in the deep of my heart now are in my understanding. It … Continue reading Almudena Yánez Marrero, York

Almudena Yánez Marrero, York